At myvideotrip we believe in Travel before Travel…that a journey begins within the mind, with the anticipation of its multiplying pleasure.
We created our site aiming to offer our visitors the opportunity to travel before they even leave their home. We also provide for the better planning of their next, short or long, vacation. And for this reason, we have designed and structured myvideotrip in such a way, whereas every search includes the choice of a hotel.

With this in mind, we offer you the possibility to create your own exclusive video for your hotel and host it on the first and only video bank in Greece. By communicating your hotel’s advantages and services to a potential audience of thousands of visitors you will definitely increase awareness and well as your profit margin.

Myvideotrip, in this way, becomes a valuable partner that allows for the power of motion picture to provide for your promotion. It ensures a significant comparative advantage over your competitors. The only thing you need to do is choose which one of our current options better suits your preferences and your company’s profile.

Choose one of the following offers and login HERE to contact us so that we can provide you with detailed information and prices, especially for your hotel.

Package #1/Slideshow
Create and host a professional, high definition video that will be based on photographs that you have supplied us with. In the case that you do not have photographs available, or your photos do not meet the quality criteria, myvideotrip’s team of experienced professionals may organize a photo shoot of your place.

Package #2/Video attachment
Create and host a professional, high definition video that will include photographs that you have supplied us with that also show aerial shots of the nearest beach (or point of interest) to the hotel.

Package #3/My video
Create and host a professional, high definition video that has been filmed entirely for you. A video that combines outdoor aerial and indoor shots, directing, editing and narration (by experienced professional filmmakers) to project and communicate your hotel and what it offers to your visitor (with emphasis on points of excellence – beaches, spa, sports facilities).

Please note, that if you already have a professionally designed video for the promotion of your hotel, we can host it on myvideotrip (or use some parts of it for your own tailor made video).

In the case our team is used for the making of a video (photography or aerial filming), the hotel will bear the cost of transportation, accommodation, meals and fees.

Should you wish to show specific activities or events (i.e., weddings, parties, sports) hosted at your hotel, please give us sufficient prior notice. All our associates are certified professionals with vast experience in their field.

Whichever of the three packages you choose, we guarantee:
• listing and promotion in the Hotel category of the site
• promotion of your hotel on the map (with a special tag and full
contact information)
• booking via a collaborative platform (Booking, TripAdvisor, etc)
• aerial photography shots from the nearest beach/spot of interest
and the ability to upload the video to your own site

Last but not least: The first year of hosting for all three packages is free of charge!


Who owns the video?

Like any artistic work, the video has copyright, which belongs to its creators (filmmakers, directors, editors, etc.). The hotel nevertheless, has the right to use it on its site or elsewhere by paying the relevant fee

I made the payment, what is the next step?

By confirming your deposit, we give you a link to send us any available material (photos or video). At the same time, on myvideotrip you will see an indication that there will soon be a video for your hotel. The visit of our creative team of associates will be set within the next few days (5-15 days, depending on weather conditions and availability)

Could the shooting be cancelled?

In case of adverse weather conditions or force majeure, shooting may be postponed and rescheduled for another time

What time of the year do shoots take place?

Usually in the spring or summer, in the early hours on days with sunshine so that no people are in the shots

Is preparation required by the hotel?

In consultation with our production team, you may be asked to arrange items in a specific way i.e., umbrellas, restaurant tables or sun loungers on the beach. Otherwise, all that is needed is order and cleanliness.

I want something more special. Can I have it?

Each hotel has its own personality. Our intention and ambition is to show it in the best way. So let’s talk about it!

How many times do I have to pay?

Just once, for the creation of the video. Then you only need to pay for the hosting subscription for the time your video stays on myvideotrip.

Partners Wanted

Are you a professional filmmaker or student? A video artist? A drone operator? Are you interested in working with myvideotrip? Just fill out the attached form and we will contact you soon