At myvideotrip we believe in Travel before Travel…that a journey begins within the mind, with the anticipation of its multiplying pleasure.

We created our site aiming to offer our visitors the opportunity to travel before they even leave their home. We also provide for the better planning of their next, short or long, vacation. And for this reason, we have designed and structured myvideotrip in such a way, whereas every search includes the choice of a hotel.

With this in mind, we offer you the possibility to create your own exclusive video for your hotel and host it on the first and only video bank in Greece. By communicating your hotel’s advantages and services to a potential audience of thousands of visitors you will definitely increase awareness and well as your profit margin.

Myvideotrip, in this way, becomes a valuable partner that allows for the power of motion picture to provide for your promotion. It ensures a significant comparative advantage over your competitors. The only thing you need to do is choose which one of our current options better suits your preferences and your company’s profile.

Choose one of the following offers and login HERE to contact us so that we can provide you with detailed information and prices, especially for your hotel.

We love travelling and travel videos. And we definitely believe that everything looks more beautiful when you look at it from above.

We created myvideotrip with the desire to bring together creative artists and animation professionals with people who are interested in visiting a place and the tourism professionals who are active in this area.

Our view is that it is nice to combine the charm of discovery with the comfort that is ensured through proper organization and preparation of the trip. That in the end… it’s nice what we call Travel before Travel!

Are you planning your next, short or long, trip? Just click myvideotrip!

Have you filmed or are you planning to film a travel video with the help of a drone? Just click myvideotrip!

Are you a manager of a hotel, rooms to let or any other type of tourist accommodation and want to establish a new channel of communication with the public? Just click myvideotrip!

It’s not just another tourist portal. It’s a new travel experience.

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